About Us

Code Construction started swinging its hammers in October 1992. Initially swung by owner Darwin Code and one other carpenter, as well as Darwin’s sister Trina, who looked after the accounting and bookkeeping end of the business. The company has continued to and now includes seven full-time employees.

Code Construction incorporated in 2000 naming Darwin Code as president and primary shareholder but continues to provide the same personalized service. Darwin’s wife Heather joined the company in 2005 as the manager of the property division.

Code Construction offers many services to homeowners, commercial industries, and cottagers. Whether you are considering a new construction project or renovating an existing structure, Code Construction can help.

Darwin and his employees bring a wealth of experience in home, cottage, agricultural, and commercial construction and renovation projects in and around Lanark County.

Code Construction is a full-service company. With various earth-moving equipment, a septic license, and a strong working relationship with various tradesmen in the area, CodeConstruction can complete construction from start to finish.